Leadership Committee – Zach Bray, Chair

The leadership committee serves as the NWDB’s executive committee and oversees the work of the NextGen Youth Committee, Career Center Committee & the Business Resources & Opportunities Committee.

NextGen Youth Committee – Terri Gallop, Chair

The purpose of the Youth Committee is to provide expertise in youth policy and to assist the NWDB in:

  • Developing and recommending local youth employment and training policy and practice;
  • Broadening the youth employment and training focus in the community to incorporate a youth development perspective;
  • Establishing linkages with other organizations serving youth in the local area; and
  • Taking into account a range of issues that can have an impact on the success of youth in the labor market.

Career Center Committee – Michael Twiddy, Chair

The NWDB Career Center Committee provides information and assists with operational and other issues relating to the one-stop delivery system.  The NWDB Career Center Committee further defines their purpose as providing oversight of the NWDB service delivery system (NCWorks Career Centers and Outposts) and Adult and Dislocated Worker employment and training activities provided under Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Business Resources & Opportunities Committee (BROC)- [Vacant], Chair

The NWDB BROC Committee will:

  • facilitate collaboration among the various organizations, agencies and individuals involved with, and having influence on, economic activity that creates workforce development needs for the region and,
  • provide leadership for the development, implementation and maintenance of effective information collection, analysis and communication regarding economic activity that has requirements for and/or impact on workforce development.

Finance Committee – JD Williamson, Chair

The NWDB Finance Committee will:

  • have insight into NWDB funding streams and expenditures in order to regularly report to the NWDB Board a broad view of NWDB’s fiscal position.
  • work with NWDB staff to develop an annual budget to be presented to the NWDB Consortium for approval and will work closely with the Albemarle Commission Finance Committee.

Transportation Committee – [Vacant], Chair

The NWDB Transportation Committee will:

  • Identify the specific challenges for employees getting to and from work.
  • Develop solutions to alleviate the transportation barriers to employment in the region.