Are you eligible for the Employee Training Grant?

  • Have your employees’ skill sets become obsolete in the current market?
  • Do you see an opportunity for your business to grow if your employees had new certifications?
  • Do you have employees that need to expand their proficiencies in order to remain employed?
  • Do you see potential in an employee to move to a higher-level position if he/she had greater knowledge about a certain topic/task?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, contact NWDB for information on how to apply for an up to $10,000 Employee Training Grant!

Please contact:
Amber Morse
Business Engagement Coordinator
Northeastern Workforce Development Board
(252) 312-4308

“I think this program is one of the smartest government programs I have ever been made aware of… [It] helps to develop, maintain, and propel existing, viable small businesses in rural areas which are hard pressed even in good times… What is truly spectacular is that we are fortunate enough to live in a country where the government can make a big, long term, economic difference in communities and truly account for not only the funds spent, but also the actual results which occur from the investment.” Stacy Justice, President – Bluewater Restoration, Currituck, NC