What is OJT?

  • OJT is a program that allows employers to think outside of the box when it comes to hiring new employees. It’s an ideal solution for hiring employers who have difficulty filling their open positions needs with qualified, experienced workers. Employers hire an eligible OJT candidate, train them while they work and get a reimbursement in return from the Northeastern Workforce Development Board.

Why use this when making hiring decisions?

  • Every occupation requires a unique set of skills. However, the requirements of an open position do not always match up to the current skillset of job candidates. OJT provides an incentive to employers to hire individuals that are motivated to work but lack skills in a specific occupation. This incentive can be up to 75% reimbursement of a new employee’s hourly wage for up to 6 months. Employers benefit from an OJT contract because they have an opportunity to hire a motivated job-seeker that is willing to learn the skills required of their new job.

Please contact:
Amber Morse
Business Engagement Coordinator
Northeastern Workforce Development Board
(252) 312-4308